United Optical’s 50th Anniversary

In January 1997, I met one of the greatest opticians I will ever know. A man who challenged me, inspired me, and set me on the career path I am on today. Now, as United Optical celebrates its 50th anniversary, I am taking some time to reflect on the life of the man...

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Eyewear Trends for Fall

Autumn has arrived and with it we are starting to see the new frame releases. The trends we are seeing are a continuation into the larger sizes with the ladies styles moving away from the distinctly square and rectangle shapes and gravitating towards softer curves. We...

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We are Licensed Opticians

Your Eyes Are Important! Where you Buy Glasses & Contacts Should Be Too. A number of years ago there was an increase in the popularity of websites that were selling glasses online. Did we have a problem with it? Sure, we did. Why? Well, perhaps not for the reasons...

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Ultraviolet and Visible Light Damage to the Eyes

Protect Your Eyes with Polarized Sunglasses I don't know about you but I have been eagerly waiting for some sunshine. The bright warm glow that makes everyone so happy has been eluding us here in Burnaby. With the warm sunshine and all the fun outdoor activities that...

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Testimonial -The Essence of Our Mission

We Listen to You Before Selling Glasses & Contacts It is so exciting to have this website up and running. I have had a vision of doing this for the last three and a half years but it stayed on the back burner until the time was right and here we are. I am looking...

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Welcome to our new site!

A Great Place to Buy Glasses & Contact Lenses Hello everyone and welcome to the new United Optical Dispensary Ltd website! We are excited to have a web presence where we can showcase our store online and share some news and tips about glasses and contact lenses....

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