Lens Advice You Can Trust

We offer a wide variety of lens options and brands that will suit any need or task. Our knowledgeable staff will take into consideration your individual needs and your prescription requirements and advise you honestly.

Single Vision

From the most basic to the newest digital high definition lenses that help increase the contrast and sharpness of your vision.


We only use quality brands we trust.

Successful progressive lens wear is highly dependant on the accuracy of the measurements taken and fitting of the frame. We pay attention to the small nuances in posture and frame position resulting in easier adeptation.


Lined bifocals and trifocals are still commonly used and have modern applications.


Light sensitive lenses that change colour based on exposure to ultraviolet light. 100% uv protection for your eyes in exciting colour options.

Lens Materials

We have a wide range of options available in both plastic and glass materials.


Most lenses today are made of plastic. Plastic is the safest option and durability has dramatically improved because of coating advances over the years.

We guide you as to the best material option for your prescription. Optical performance and asthetics are always considered in accordance to your prescription and your needs.


Glass lenses are used less today than in years past, however for some prescriptions glass is still the ideal option. Currently, the thinnest lens option available is in a glass material so for those with extremely high prescriptions this is the perfect lens.

When thinking about glass lenses, safety must always be considered since glass lenses can shatter and cause eye damage.

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