Eye Exams

Are Eye Exams Covered under MSP?

For those 65 years old and over and those under 19 BC Medical Services Plan covers an eye exam partially or in whole every year. We recommend adhering to yearly exams for these individuals. For those between 18 and 65 exams are not covered under the provicial plan and as a result the frequency of the exam will vary based on each individual’s health.

Do I need an Eye Exam?

We recommend regular eye exams for all our patients.

Many conditions and diseases often do not have noticeable symptoms and detection in the early stages is when many are most treatable. The frequency is dictated by an individual’s age and health and as such you should follow the schedule recommended to you by your optometrist or ophthalmologist. If no recall schedule was recommended to you we suggest to follow the minimum frequency as recommended by the Canadian Ophthalmology Society. Their generalized recommended schedule is as follows:

19-40 years old: at least every 10 years

41-55 years old: at least every 5 years

56-65 years old: at least every 3 years

over 65 years old: at least every 2 years

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