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It is so exciting to have this website up and running. I have had a vision of doing this for the last three and a half years but it stayed on the back burner until the time was right and here we are. I am looking forward to the opportunity to share with you the little things and the big things that we encounter at United Optical Dispensary Ltd. It is a real joy when we can succeed in making a difference in someone’s life.

Recently one of our long time customers came in and informed us she was going to have cataract surgery. Due to her own unique vision circumstances we knew this was not going to be the easiest of journeys. OK, to be totally honest, I told her it was going to be…a nightmare (I might have used more colourful language). That being said, I assured her the final results will be better than her current situation. She made it successfully to the end of this bumpy road and it is nice to know we were able to help a little to smooth the bumps along the way. In one of her visits we were sharing the excitement of getting our website up and running and she kindly offered to write a testimonial of our years of service in making her glasses. We hope this gives those of you new to United Optical a sense of who we are for she has eloquently encapsulated the essence of our mission for every one of our clients.

Until I came to United Optical I had never had a pair of glasses that fit me quite right.  My strong prescription needed heavy lenses, and my nose is the wrong shape to hold glasses – the frames always slipped down.    United Optical knew exactly what to do to solve the problems.  The glasses fit, they stayed up, they suited my face, and the lenses were exactly right.  United Optical has seen me through many changes of prescription since then, and always given me glasses I am happy to wear.  Recently, I had cataract surgery on both eyes, and Heidi and Ray were able to guide me safely through the whole process, from knowing what to expect, to learning to wear a contact lens when I needed it between surgeries, and then adjusting to new prescriptions and new glasses.  I’ve been in their capable hands for 30 years now.
Moira Kloster, Langley

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