Sight Tests

Is your vision changing?

Many individuals who are generally healthy and have regular eye exams can have their vision checked between exams to verify the accuracy of their corrected vision. Contact us to see if you qualify to have a sight test.

What is a Sight Test?

A sight test, also called an automated refraction, measures the accuracy of your  vision and your eyes ability to focus. It does NOT measure the health of your eyes or identify any medical problems that may affect your vision or health.

In the interest of maintaining your best possible eye health, there are certain restrictions on who can and who can not have an automated refraction or sight test unless they present with a referral from an ophthalmologist. The following individuals are higher risk for certain diseases and conditions and as such are excluded from having this test:

• anyone under the age of 19 or over the age of 65
• must have had at least one eye health exam since turning 19 years of age
• must have had at least one eye health exam since turning 40 years of age
• has a history of glaucoma, retinal detachment, macular degeneration or double vision
• has had a prescription containing prisms
• has a refractive error over +/-6.00 Dioptres in either eye
• has diabetes or hypertension
• has had recent head trauma
• injury or pain in either eye within the last 3 months

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